Our fleet consists of 52 trucks from the well-known manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, DAF, MAN, Volvo and Scania. GPS tracking enables our employees to check the current location of each individual vehicle in real time, anywhere in Europe and at any time. Due to the regular maintenance, repairs and new purchases of our Euro 6 trucks, all vehicles meet the highest standards in terms of environmental friendliness, technology and efficiency.



Stacked transporter: The trailers with a length of 18.75 metres, which are made specially to our requirements, can hold up to six cars.



Flat transporter: With a total length of 20.75 metres, there is ample space here for up to three motorhomes.



Articulated truck: The all-rounder among our trailers is the articulated truck.
With its modest length of 15 metres, it is particularly heavy and long vehicles, with a height of 3.70 metres, that find their way safely to our customers on this trailer.




Our fleet includes these brands: